The Dragon Punch Squad Podcast

We are a Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast going through the Age Of Ashes adventure path by Paizo, Inc. Just beer drinkin’, whiskey sippin’ adults playing make believe.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 78: Boss Monster The Dragon Punch Squad Podcast

The Squad finally comes to face to face with the leader of the draconic Cinderclaw Cult. Make sure to check out the NEW merch at Stay up to date with our socials at Theme song made thanks to Tony Chetta @ Ambiance and music made thanks to
  1. Episode 78: Boss Monster
  2. Episode 77: Never Gonna Dance Again
  3. Episode 76: Six Heads Are Deadlier Than One
  4. Episode 75: Great Balls of Fire
  5. Episode 74: Through the Fear and Flames

Latest Reviews

“These guys are extremely funny! Right from the get go, they have a feeling of down to earth, your average gamer. Their banter between each other is funny, the story is compelling, and their characters have interesting backstories! Also, the Pathfinder 2e system is amazing. A must add for your bi weekly podcast listening!”

bionic draconic, iTunes Reviewer

“A fun show with a nice balance of fun and drama. The players and DM seem to know the game well which streamlines the gameplay. The characters have unique personalities which blend together well. A great addition to my weekly podcast list”

– Jedamisprime, iTunes Reviewer

“Love hearing the podcast – 2E is a good system and I can’t wait to play it myself. There are some good characters here and it’s only going to get better.”

– Rhap21, iTunes Reviewer

“I started Roleplaying games with Pathfinder 1E, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it since moving into DnD 5e, this well voices podcast follow adventurers on a quest in the Pathfinder 2e system. Such a fun and joy to hear the new rules! Their voice acting is immaculate, and at times hilarious.

– Andrew ChasmQuest DM, iTunes Reviewer