More DPS Pod Content

We wanted to give another update as we have added some stuff to our roster. In an effort to practice social distancing, we started experimenting with Twitch streams. For now, we have just been playing one shots as we’re still working out technical things with Roll20, StreamLabs, and Twitch. They have been a ton ofContinue reading “More DPS Pod Content”


A Valentine’s Day Gift from us to you <3

We wanted to show you beautiful people just how much we love you all and released our next episode extra early! We just hit 1000 downloads since we started this podcast (much faster than expected) and what better way to show our appreciation than giving you more of what we love doing! Here is EpisodeContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Gift from us to you <3”

Episode #8 is here!

We have also started a new schedule. We will be posting new episodes every other Monday. So update your calendars or you’ll forfeit your cool card. With that in mind, here is Episode 8: Dr. Khezrah’s Snake Oil. In this episode, the Squad finally makes their way into the basements vaults of Hellknight Hill. EpisodeContinue reading “Episode #8 is here!”