Episode 20: Dark Side of the Rune

TWENTY. EPISODES. Can you believe we have come this far? And we are just getting started! It has been quite the journey for only 20 episodes. We hit 3000 downloads not too long ago and that was huge for us. It was difficult for us during the hiatus but now we are back into theContinue reading “Episode 20: Dark Side of the Rune”

We want to hear from YOU

Earlier today we posted about taking an unfortunate hiatus because of the events surrounding COVID-19. While we are doing regular weekend streams over on Twitch, we wanted to know what you (our lovely listeners) would like to see from us in the mean time. Not being able to record the podcast has given us someContinue reading “We want to hear from YOU”

Episode #17 & A Conversation

We have extra long episode for you today and it a doozy! In Episode 17: Adelar Started the Fire, the Squad finds some information on a new lead and makes their way out of Breachill… Episode 17: Adelar Started the Fire While new episodes are great – this one comes with some bitter news. WithContinue reading “Episode #17 & A Conversation”